The P50 Fire Extinguisher - A Game Changer

The P50 is the most technologically advanced fire extinguisher available – saving lives, money and the environment

P50 fire extinuguisher

Saving Lives

  • Improved operational safety
  • One P50 covers multiple risks – avoiding confusion over what to use in stressful situations
  • Superior design using aerospace technology
  • Aramid type fibre (Kevlar®) protected inner core
  • Lighter in weight than traditional metal versions
  • Corrosion resistant design
  • Anti-freeze foam version available
  • Fully approved and accredited

Saving Money

  • No more annual service contracts required
  • External engineers are no longer required - a simple ‘in-house’ check is all that’s needed
  • Saves time dealing with external contractors
  • Less hassle for organisations where their security measures are important – airports, prisons, schools, care homes
  • Ideal for remote locations where its costly to send a service engineer
  • Fewer extinguishers required – one P50 covers multiple risks
  • 10 year guarantee

Saving the Environment

  • Recyclable
  • Less waste – contents changed every 10 years (contents of traditional metal extinguishers are changed every 5 years)
  • Fewer extinguishers needed, fewer made, less contents to dispose of.
  • Fewer air miles – most extinguishers come from China, some from Europe – the P50s come from Norwich
  • No maintenance miles – no service engineers attending your site every year
  • An overhaul at year 10 gives it another 10 years of operation – that’s a 20 year life
Guarantee Accreditations

P50 Core Strength

P50 Core Strength
  • Aramid type fibre (Kevlar®) protected inner core. Strong and extremely light,it is used to create bulletproof vests and fire retardant gloves. Scores of spun aramid layers on a 5-layered inner chemical container create an inner core of the P50 extinguisher of incredible strength and durability which is corrosion resistant. One in every 500 P50 extinguishers is tested by pressurising it 12,000 times to 25 bar before crushing it flat. After this cycle and crush test the extinguishers are pressurised to over 55 bar and must not burst or leak.
  • Stainless steel handle and pin. Maintains strength in the unit and prevents corrosion.
  • Dual pressure indicators. Cross-verification of the pressure readings with a second indicator.
  • Nickel plated brass head. To prevent corrosion.
  • Flame retardant case with UV protection.
  • Durable hose.
  • World recognised patented design , meeting all the required regulations.
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

The P50 featured in the TV series 'Made in Britain'

How to do the simple, in-house, Annual Inspection

The extinguisher maintenance programme is important, however, it is a simple process which any staff members can easily carry out. Watch our video to find out how easy it is.

Cost benefit examples

This example compares the cost of one P50 Foam extinguisher to the costs of one Foam and one CO2 metal extinguisher, over 10 years.
Note: one P50 covers multi risks and can replace 1 Foam and 1 CO2 metal extinguisher.

1 x 6L Foam and 1 x 2Kg CO2 metal extinguishers, plus signs £65
Delivery, Installation & Commissioning to BS5306, £9 each £18
Annual Service: £6.50 per extinguisher (Years 2 to 4 and 6 to 9) £91
Discharge or Replacement at year 5 £60
Ave cost of new tamper tags/seals/hoses etc over 10 years £35
Total cost over 10 years £269

Total Cost of one 6L Foam P50 extinguisher over 10 years: £130

Includes delivery, signs, installation and commissioning.
Finance options are available.

Discounts will be applied for P50 orders over 10 units.

Alternatively, phase in the P50 using your annual service budget. This example is for an organisation replacing 1,000 metal extinguishers using their current ‘annual service’ budget (typically £15,000 per year for 1000 extinguishers).

Year 1 – We replace 200 and service the remaining 800 Cost: £15000
Year 2 – We replace 200 and service the remaining 600 Cost: £15000
Year 3 – We replace 200 and service the remaining 400 Cost: £15000
Year 4 – We replace 200 and service the remaining 200 Cost: £15000
Year 5 – We replace the remaining 200 Cost: £15000
Years 6 to 10 £0

… saving up to £75K – halving your budget over 10 years

Once your P50 turns 10 years old we can arrange for it to be refurbished, giving it another 10 years service and even more savings.

P50 Extinguishers of choice for Heathrow

Chris Allen
Heathrow Procurement Business Partner, Engineering

With over 78 million passengers passing through it in 2017 Heathrow Airport continues to grow year on year. As the first fire extinguisher cased in recyclable composite, that delivers a 20-year life span, the P50 has been chosen to protect the airport as part of its ambitious sustainability strategy known as Heathrow 2.0.

Chris Allen, Heathrow Procurement Business Partner, Engineering, said: “There were many reasons why the P50 appealed to Heathrow. Its lower carbon footprint was one. It is manufactured by a UK business and has a European supply chain.”

“Traditional metal extinguishers typically come with parts imported from Asia and with the P50 we will instantly see a reduction in the supply chain carbon footprint by restricting transit from Asia to the UK.

“The P50 needs just a single refill in its 20-year life span, after which it can be recycled for re-use rather than being sent to land fill.” The technology behind the P50 also means fewer extinguishers are needed on the premises since it covers multiple risks, he said.

“The added benefit of being able to maintain these in-house reduces security clearances for service engineers coming on site.” Adam Watson, Terminal 5 Asset Manager and project lead, said: “Not only does the P50 support Heathrow’s sustainability objectives by reducing the asset cost base, it is also tightly aligned to our safety culture of getting everyone home safe.”

heathrow case study

Some of the companies benefitting from the P50

companies using the p50